Hi this is your Silent Lil’ Voice again. You may be familiarized with me as something like a conspiracy theorist…I guess. But that’s just part of me I guess. So many people (personally close or randomly acquainted) often come to me for advice. So I figure if I’m gonna help I might as well try to do it globally. In this blog I offer a safe haven to get sound and un-corrupted advice about anything you need. Also if you are in need of resources and don’t have the first clue on how to even remotely begin acquiring them I offer the guidance as well. There are too many people in the world for you to be the only one feeling, thinking, doing, saying, the same thing. And if we could fully grasp that the world could run a little smoother *my opinion*.  I’m not here to judge or anything like that, however I don’t sugar coat anything so sometimes my answers might not be what you wanna hear.  All questions will be directly e-mailed to my personal email and I’m kind of an insomniac so I’m available 24/7. Keep updated for random goodies. I hope this helps save at least one life if nothing else. That is my goal.

-Silent Lil’ Voice


PS: Formalities and whatnots is bs to me. I don’t need a “dear blah blah” or

specific name and location. Just talk to me how you’d talk to your closest buddy or yourself (if that makes sense to you) Peace & Love

Got something to say please let it out!

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